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Nina Doroushi is an Iranian/Irish, London-born and based, latex fashion designer​. Her fashion journey was prompted by a fixation on the body, skin and flesh. "After all, the body is the premise for which the entire concept of fashion exists, particularly latex fashion. Latex is the only material that expresses the naked body more explicitly than the naked body, itself". Nina holds a Bachelor in Arts and Humanities, however her fashion training commenced in Paris at La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture after which she went on to intern at Vivienne Westwood, Iris Van Herpen and House of Harlot. 

Bored of the generic dungeon dominatrix, as well as the classical, celestial, chaste imagery of Haute Couture, Nina grew fascinated by the idea of bringing these worlds together and creating a hybrid. "My intention was to somehow reinvent this pigeonholed fabrication without tampering with its inherent association with fetish. You can take latex out of the underground but you can't take the underground out of the latex!"

Nina creates bespoke and made-to-measure latex gowns/dresses for events, photoshoots and unconventional deviants. Please get in touch via the contact page for pricing, orders and general enquiries. 

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