Bespoke Mystic Rubber wear by Nina Doroushi takes an untraditional approach to latex-wear. The designer explains "the niche within a niche" that insists upon the fusing of high fashion and glamour with the sub-terrestrial scenes of fetish and bondage-wear. Although inspiration arises from an array of eclectic sources, Doroushi describes the collection as a fetishisation of a bohemian aristocrat, through the mystical vapours of the bewitching Middle East. These beautified embellishments spurs an ardent elegance of what only can be described as wearable erotica. The dresses are made to impassion the desire for dressing pleasure, whilst escorting the wearer on a ritual of self-seduction.
    The Opaque, the Transparent and the Mystic. The collection was inspired by the Spiritualist and Sufi poet, Rumi, along with various Middle Eastern references, including the transcendental Ottoman temples, mysticism and the occult.

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"It is a collection where spiritualism, sensuality, healthy narcissism and eroticism merge."  

- Nina Doroushi

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To all the dreamers, the modern libertines and the rubber souls, please read...


At Nina Doroushi we cater for those who dare to indulge in immense aesthetic and erotic pleasure.

We provide our clients with a unique experience and our mission is always to enhance the senses; be it visual, touchable or intangible. We provide attire that can be appropriate for your private escapades in the boudoir and/or your daring public persona outside.

We invite our clients to either attend our central London showroom to take measurements and exchange energy in order to get to know each clients sybaritic individuality or communicate measurements or any personal adjustments virtually.

Character. Charisma. Carnality.

With everything designed and tailored to the individual, hand made and expert gluers, seamstresses working in accordance to your deepest cimmerian appetite, we do our very best to cater to every inch, every curve and every facet of your body and mind to provide you with the ultimate outfit for any occasion.

We encourage our clients to not be who they are but to be who they want to be...